About Us

Who We Are

United Way of Lapeer County is made up of dozens of community volunteers who work with our staff to raise money, invest dollars, shape organizational policy, and more. These volunteers are professionals and community representatives from diverse backgrounds who bring a variety of talents to the organization. We are grateful for their support and tireless help.


 United Way of Lapeer County Board of Directors 2016




Jim McQueen – Board President

       McQueen Financial -  jim@mcqueeninvestments.com


2.     Tamra Kleynenberg- Vice President

        Lakestone Bank & Trust – tkleynenberg@LCBT.com


3.     John Biscoe- Treasurer

        County of Lapeer- jbiscoe@lapeercounty.org


4.      Loren Schafer- Secretary

        Lakestone Bank & Trust- lschafer@lcbt.com


5.      Kim McComb

        Lakestone Bank & Trust – kmccomb@lcbt.com


6.      Emily Barber

        Kapala Heating and A/C-  emily.roma@icloud.com


7.     Michelle Griffis

       PNC Bank - michelle.griffis@pnc.com


8.     Sandy Iloncai

       Community Member- sandra_iloncai@yahoo.com


9.     Randy Owen

       Owen Tree Service Inc.  rowen@owentree.com


10.  Matt Wandrie

       Lapeer Community Schools- mwandrie@lapeerschools.org


11.  Dan Sharkey

        Sharkey Construction Group- dan@sharkeyconstructioncorp.com

12.  Ashley Brown

         McLaren Lapeer Region- ashley.ernurse@gmail.com

13.  Cody Wiggins

        Lapeer County Sherriffs Dept. Cody.wiggins50@gmail.com



What We Do

United Way of Lapeer County has the unique honor of being the oldest and broadest reaching charity in Lapeer County. Because of our deep roots in the community, we are able to bring about change in ways that build trust  and establish ties between community leaders, businesses, organizations, and individuals. We rely on four main strategies to implement our core values and action plans, aiming to change lives and strengthen our community.

  • Research – To know where we need to go, we must first understand where we are. United Way conducts research on homelessness, financial stability, education and health care to offer in-depth understanding of how poverty affects real people’s lives.

  • Funding – Thanks to the generous support of community members like you, United Way funds organizations that serve individuals and families in three key areas: Education, Income and Health. We aim to make the largest and most lasting impact in the community through a competitive grant funding process that rewards outstanding organizations who can demonstrate measurable results. In 2008 we partnered with 17 organizations out of 22 that applied. 

  • Community Partnerships – Big problems require big solutions. United Way builds the kinds of community partnerships necessary to solve the problems families are facing today. We work with municipalities, faith groups, schools and agencies to find unique solutions.

  • Advocacy – We are deeply committed to improving lives here in Lapeer County. We advocate for change both within our alliances, and by supporting legislation aimed at getting homeless people off the street, giving kids a better education and providing working families with affordable health care.

See our Partner Agencies for more program information at Our Partners.